Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket

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Standard Sizing U.S. 34 36-38 40 42-44 46 48-50 52 54-56 58 60-62
European Sizing 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64 66 68-70 72-74 76-78

 Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket

It’s simply the leather jacket. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you wear with it, or how cool you are — this jacket just goes with everything.

 The 530 is a classic cool, no-frills leather jacket that looks perfect on the road or off the beaten path. Similar to the popular Model 141 but designed with a slimmer fit, this café racer motorcycle jacket is cut by hand from cowhide that was dye-drummed, creating a natural, pebbled appearance. As with all leather jackets, Schott uses only the best, highest quality leather for the 530. Durable yet supple with a soft, luxurious feel, your new jacket will feel like a second skin right out of the box, no break-in period required. produced right here in the USA.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us at sunsetleather@gmail.com to determine the right size jacket for you as sizing may vary from style to style. 

Generally, all of Schott products are cut true to size unless otherwise stated. However, when purchasing Motorcycle Jackets, please allow that they may fit snug, as Motorcycle Jackets are designed that way to protect the rider from the elements.

Some of Schott jackets are offered in S-M-L range (standard sizing) and other styles in chest measurement sizes (in inches, measured just below the armpit area with your chest expanded). The chart below shows the ranges.