The Leather Biker Jacket: A Brief History of this Timeless Fashion Statement

Like many other brilliant fashion creations, it was an innovative idea that sparked the design of one of the most timeless style icons – the leather biker jacket.

Irving Schott, co-founder of the Schott Bros – an outerwear company based in NYC – created the first leather bike riding jacket with a zipper in 1928 and named it after his favorite cigar – Perfecto.

Perfecto replaced the less effective button-down biker jackets of the time with its more robust shielding properties. It provided protection against various elements as well as a significant new feature that allowed bikers to lean over the bike without it cutting into their bodies.

The original motorcycle riding jackets featured a cropped, comfortable fit with collars, a D-pocket and a zip all the way up.

Made with genuine leather, the jacket was an instant hit among the young bikers of the time. Later on, other brands also went on to base the motorcycle jacket/vest designs on the garment. Surprisingly, brown turn out to be the most popular color in those early years, while black only really started trending in in the 1950s.

Interesting Motorcycle Riding Jacket Fact

In 1953, Marlon Brando, in his film The Wild One, sealed the fate of the leather jacket as the symbol of a biker desperado by putting on a skull-and-bones-imprinted biker jacket.

The Biker Jacket Today

It was right in the midst of the rock n roll 1980s when the biker trend was at its very peak. The recent cultural trends, however, have seen a strong revival in demand for the leather motorcycle jacket.

Today, this statement fashion gear relishes a multi-generational appeal.

With a leather jacket on, or draped on the shoulder, a biker’s look now seems simply incomplete. The design of the leather biker jacket back in 1928 was quite practical and it still is today. This is why its design doesn’t represent the stylistic choices of any particular decade, but rather serves as an emblem of various ethnic groups who have since then embraced the jacket. Moreover, these jackets certainly dominate the market both in men’s fashion as well as women’s.

The biker jacket, without a doubt, has made a significant place in the world of fashion ever since its inception. So, if you already own or are planning to own a biker jacket, you are sure to enjoy wearing it for years without fearing that it will ever go out of style.

Final Word

Ever since their inception, leather jackets have been the height of fashion. They take your normal T-shirt and jeans combo to the next level and give you that perfect biker look that attracts envious stares.

Regardless of gender, they complement diverse body types and personalities – whether you are fit, over-weight, short, tall or thin, these jackets are a surefire way to enhance your appearance and update your outerwear to match the current fashion trends.