How to Stay Dry on Your Bike Rides in the Rain | Motorcycle Rain Suits

How to Stay Dry on Your Bike Rides in the Rain | Motorcycle Rain Suits

Many motorcycles would be just decorative pieces for more than half the year, and many motorcyclists would just sell their motorcycles off if we had to avoid riding our bikes when it’s raining.

Rain shouldn’t be something that keeps you from riding your bike any time of the day or night. The best way to ride when it’s raining is to ride with a proper motorcycle rain suit.

Even if you are daring enough to get on your bike without rain gear for motorcycle riding on a rainy day, it is still advisable that you stay smart and wear a rain suit that covers you properly.

Leather Motorcycle Rain Gear

So, you don’t want to ruin your cool and trendy appearance with an ordinary rain suit? Understandable. It does cramp any style. In that case, you may want to wear leather rain gear.

Leather rain suits definitely don’t compromise on style so you will look good, but you cannot ignore the fact that leather will not work out that well in the rain. It will get soaked in water and become really uncomfortable as well as heavy. This, in turn, will affect your bike handling skills. Additionally, riding at 100 mph completely soaked may also have adverse effects on your health.

So, get the best motorcycle rain suit – your only solution for bike riding on a rainy day – made with good quality that will protect you from getting drenched and catching a cold.

Top 3 qualities you need in Motorcycle Rain Gear

Rain gear is water-resistant and it comes in various styles. These suits also have double-stitched or sealed seams that act as a shield from water through junctions of the fabric.

Rain gear is made from various rain-resistant materials, because its ultimate purpose is to keep the biker completely dry when it’s raining. The most important aspects to consider while buying a rain suit are the following:

  • 1.Easy to wear

The suitable rain gear suits are designed to be easily worn and taken off. The size is a little bigger than your normal size, which makes it easy for you to comfortably wear and remove the suit.

  • 2.Good Visibility

Since visibility is one thing that is reduced in the rain, your raincoat must have some kind of reflectors with florescent colors.

  • 3.Sliding-resistant Fabric

A good pair of rain pants must have some form of coating or fabric panel that is resistant to sliding caused by the rain, as the likelihood of slipping off the bike is high in wet weather.

Final Thoughts

Top quality rain suits may cost you more than others, but they certainly are long-lasting and provide the best protection against rain by improving visibility and preventing you from slipping off or getting wet. They can cost you anywhere from 30 USD to hundreds of dollars, depending on the style and material used.

So, choose the one that suits you the best and ensures your safety on a rainy day while you ride off to your destination