Better Safe and Stylish than Sorry! The Complete Biker Outfit Guide

Better Safe and Stylish than Sorry! The Complete Biker Outfit Guide

Are you sure your hoody is going to protect you on a 50 mile freeway commute? You sure your thin cotton jacket will offer the insulation you need when the wind is speeding through your bones? Will it protect you in 85 degree heat and high humidity? Also don’t forget the rainy day bike commuting. Doesn’t sounds fun at all. Does it?

Dealing with all that will be a big hassle for a biker who rides on a regular basis.

Protection is the first thing you should be worrying about when planning a road bike trip. After all, everyone wants to be safe. Perhaps, wearing the right riding gear can make your journey both safer and more enjoyable. Keeping safety in mind, we can help you equip yourself with fashionable biker gear that doesn’t cramp your style while it keeps you secure.

Biker Gear

Biker gear usually comes in various types of styles and designs. Here’s a list of the most standard biker gear and also a little brief of the things you should consider before buying your own rider gear.







  • 1-Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Ever heard this saying? ‘If it’s too comfortable, It’s probably too big’? Well, it is rightly said.

Why can’t I wear a loose helmet? Urgh! This jacket is too tight. Why can’t I wear the loose jacket? Because you are going to ride a motorcycle and you can’t just wear casual clothes which simply cover your body.

You need a fitted torso so you don’t feel cold in windy weather and prevents extra air from swooping in. Your pants shouldn’t be so wide that your knee armor starts swinging. Your gloves shouldn’t be too big at the palms because there’s a possibility that you might get blisters.

  • 1-Be Seen
  • Biker gear should be very visible, especially in the rainy days where you have the less visibility because of the darkened skies. Moreover, sometimes it gets foggy so it become very difficult to see ahead.

    Your biker gear jacket should have the reflective piping so you can be easily be seen even from afar. Choose the gear which will benefit you and make your life easier.

Life Saver

On July 29, A 74 year’s old rider named Jaque Rasmussen took off from his home in Miltona. He was heading towards Glenwood on his bike.

He had gone less than two miles, when a vehicle hit him at the intersection of country road. Rasmussen quoted: “I hit the front of the car and apparently, I went flying.”

When the first responder of this accident Kyle Grinager, Assistant Chief of the fire department was informed about the accident, he made a scene in his mind.

He thought that it must be a bloody mess but he was shocked to see that the scene he created in his mind was nothing like that. As he walked up to Rasmussen to check if he is still breathing, shockingly Rasmussen was just fine. He told the fire chief that he is alright and un-wounded.
Guess what? It was Rasmussen’s bike gear that helped save his life.By taking the serious precautions we can save ourselves from these accidents, and stay safe rather than sorry.

Final WordSometimes riding a bike can be a serious risk, change in weather or sudden accidents. You can’t predict anything. Bike riding requires your complete attention and physical skills. For that reason biker gear is made easily available at our store to keep you safe. It should be your first priority to wear proper gear before riding.

Stay safe, stay stylish, and ride on!